Pradeep Guragain Pradeep was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider. With a passion for self-drive road trips, he will just head off at a moment’s notice for trips, either long or short. Scuba diving is another passion he loves to pursue. As for the future – “I dream of living in a farmhouse close to nature, and far from cities.”


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18 Best Things To Do In Bangkok

Noted as the most visited city in the world, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the destinations which offer something amazing and...
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Read This Before Trekking The Kanchenjunga Circuit : 20 Essentials Things To Know

Kanchenjunga Circuit At Glance Know When To Trek Kanchenjunga Circuit There are actually 6 seasons in Nepal! But on the whole, there are 4...
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All About Trekking In The Kanchenjunga Region

The basics Don’t you get annoyed when people say “you should have seen it here 20 years ago … it was so much better”?...
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Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek – Frequently Asked Questions

The Kanchenjunga circuit trek is supposed to be the best three week teahouse trek in Nepal. So in 2016 I went to find out for...
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Insider’s Guide To Best Hotels In Kathmandu – Where To Stay

As you know, Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It’s also home to some five million people. Situated in a valley surrounded by hills,...
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