Thanks for looking TravelOutset up! I hope this blog is providing you with tons of information which you will find useful on your travels. In case you are wondering, let me tell you a little something about myself and my friends and why we started this blog!

Blogging with a passion

First of all, we are all avid travellers! On my travels and research for my travels, I discovered there are a huge number of travel blogs out there, most of which are written by people who are making blogging their full-time job.

I realise that not everyone can quit their 9 to 5 job and travel full time. Yet most of the travel bloggers give you the feeling you are not ‘doing it right’ if you are not travelling 12 months of the year!

So here’s the thing: we travel as much as we can. But we still have jobs! We run a travel company and hotel in our motherland Nepal. We don’t have a bucket list of ‘must see’ places to go to.

We simply want to go as many places as we can and experience everything! No small order when we are travelling on a Nepali passport one of the worst passports to hold. Think visa difficulties etc.

Start small and grow!

You don’t have to start with around the world ticket! You don’t need to wave goodbye to friends and family for the next 5 years to have great travel experiences! Start in your own or nearby countries build your confidence! We started, of course, travelling the Himalayas and have slowly expanded out into other countries.

Through my blog, I want to demonstrate how it is possible to travel and, if you like, keep your job. TravelOutset provides you with in depth travel advice, based on our experiences.

There are How-to Guides, itineraries and recommendations. Like our travels, TravelOutset will expand and grow so do keep checking in!

Meantime here is a little about us!



Pradeep in Dubai

Pradeep was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider. With a passion for self drive road trips, he will just head off at a moment’s notice for trips, either long or short. Scuba diving is another passion he loves. As for the future “I dream of living in a farmhouse close to nature, and far from cities.”

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Yen at Manaslu Circuit
Fluffy and I in Manaslu Circuit

Yen’s roots are in Central Vietnam although she studied in Ho Chi Minh and worked in Hanoi covering both ends of the country! Working with the Animal Asia Foundation, Yen turned vegetarian so has her pulse on what vegetarian travellers want. She backpacked round Europe while based in Ireland and is currently living in Nepal with Pradeep and their two dogs. “Our dogs are part of our travel team and we take them trekking throughout Nepal.”

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Rome Colosseum

Saugat is also born and bred in Nepal.  Passionate about technology and digital marketing he loves to travel solo – getting the most from every trip.  When not travelling he enjoys the simple pleasure of reading a book over a cup of coffee – although if that comfortable spot is somewhere new, so much the better!  “Recently I have been dreaming of climbing mountains.”  Which living in Nepal is a very doable dream, right?

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Jackie is from Scotland but has lived and travelled Asia for the past 30 years. From the city life of Hong Kong and Singapore to village life in lowland Nepal, Jackie now lives in Kathmandu. “Although Asia is in my blood, there is so much of the world to see. South America next maybe?” 

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