Step by Step Guide to Obtain Vietnam Tourist Visa for Nepalese Citizens

A complete step by step guide to obtain a Vietnam Visa for Nepali citizens.

Note: There are two ways to enter Vietnam for Nepali Citizens:

  • Obtain a visa from the Vietnam Embassy
  • Obtain the pre visa approval letter (Visa On Arrival ‘VOA’)

Since there is no Vietnam Embassy in Kathmandu, the best way is to obtain a VOA from the Vietnam Consulate, which is in Kathmandu.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival VOA – Kathmandu

Below is the complete guide to obtain Vietnam VOA Letter in Kathmandu.

Step 1

Download and print one copy of the Vietnam Visa Application Form.
It is very important to fill up the form correctly.

Step 2

Submit the visa application and service fee along with your original passport (For inspection only) to the Vietnam Consulate, Rani Devi Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu (Behind the Shangrila Hotel).

Step 3

Print the visa approval letter and take it with you to Vietnam.

Step 4

Arrive at any international airport in Vietnam and pay the fee. Get the visa then and there!

Vietnam VOA Fee Structure

Service Fee

  • 1 month Single Entry / Multiple Entry (varies from 15 to 25 USD)
  • 3 month Single Entry / Multiple Entry (Varies from 25 to 35 USD)

Stamp Fee

  • 1 month Single Entry 25 USD /Multiple Entry 50 USD
  • 3 month Single Entry 25 USD / Multiple Entry 50 USD

The stamping fee structure is fixed, however the service fee varies with the agent! At the Vietnam Consulate in Kathmandu it is ridiculously expensive to obtain VOA Letter!

As of January 2019 they charged me NPR 5,000 for one month single entry.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Service For Nepali Citizen From Kathmandu Nepal

TravelOutset has partnered with an agent local in Vietnam and can offer the same service at minimal cost compared to the Vietnam Consulate.

Fill up this form and contact us for the Vietnam VOA Letter:

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Note: The VOA Letter will allow you to enter Vietnam via flights only. For overland border crossings you have to obtain the visa in person at a Vietnam Embassy, in say Thailand.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Vietnam Tourist Visa

How much does the visa cost?

Cost varies according to number of days the visa is requested for.

Where and how do I get a visa for Vietnam?

Get Visa On Arrival Letter online (But then you can enter via flight only) or apply in the Vietnam Embassy.

How many days does it take to get the VOA?

Normally it takes three days.

Can I go overland?

If you already have a paper visa (From say, Thailand) then yes you can go overland. With the visa on arrival letter, no. You have to arrive by flight.

Do I need a photo?

Yes, two photos are required.

How long is the visa valid for?

The visa is valid for 30 days or 90 days.

How many bank pages are needed on my passport?

You will require two blank pages, one for visa and one for the stamp.

Do I need to give a visa interview?


Any special rules or requirements?


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